What is the O shot?


  • Do you recall the scene in the movie "When Harry Met Sally" where the star Meg Ryan faked an orgasm while in the deli? She stated that every woman has faked an orgasm at some time in her life. What would happen if a shot existed that could enhance the female orgasm?
  • This is the aim of the O-Shot. We are among the first persons to introduce the O-Shot to women in Gwinnett County and Atlanta GA. A specific injection technique is used in this procedure, with isolated components drawn from your own blood and then re-injected skilfully into the female genitalia.
  • This helps female urinary incontinence, improves dyspareunia which is painful sex and intercourse, and increases sexual arousal. You can take your sex life to a new level with the O Shot. It is a rejuvenating clitoral injection, which results in increased sexual health from the day of the procedure.


Orgasm Shot • Women's Sexual Health • Improve Sexual Relations • Hypoactive Sexual Desire • Female Orgasmic Disorder • Aid in Urinary Incontinence


Why get an O-Shot?


  • This is a simple procedure that is done in the office and helps with female urinary incontinence, enhances sex life and arousal/response, as well as rejuvenates the overall health of the female genitalia and the female's self confidence.


Where is the O-Shot injection site?


  • The O-Shot is a relatively simple procedure that is conducted in office, and helps with female urinary incontinence, boosts sex life, enhances sexual response/arousal and re-energizes the health of female genitalia and self confidence.


Where is the O-Shot injection site?


  • The injection will be skilfully and painlessly performed, using a tiny needle into specific areas of the female genitalia.


What does the O-Shot consist of?


  • The O-Shot consists of growth factors that are essential and hold your platelets which are the tiniest cells in your blood, and in medical terms are referred to as platelet rich plasma (PRP).


Who can benefit from the O-Shot?


  • A female that is experiencing painful sex, dyspareunia, struggling with urinary incontinence or decreased arousal during orgasm.


What are the benefits of the O-Shot?


  • Each woman's personal experience and outcome varies, but the following benefits have been reported by women who have received the O-Shot:
    • Improvement of urinary incontinence, which is dramatic in some cases.
    • Greater intensity in arousal from clitoral stimulation
    • Stronger and more youthful orgasm
    • The lips of the vagina, majora and labia minora have younger and healthier skin
    • Orgasms are more frequent
    • Libido and sexual desire is increased during sex
    • After childbirth the ability to have a vaginal orgasm returns
    • Those with dyspareunia (painful intercourse) experience relief
    • Increased natural vaginal lubrication (especially when combined with Femi Lift)
    • Vaginal wall is tighter


How long does the O-Shot procedure take?


  • The complete procedure takes about 30 minutes.


Where is the O-Shot procedure performed?


  • The procedure is performed in the safe and private facilities located in Dacula and Marietta GA.


How soon can results be apparent after the O-Shot procedure?


  • Some patients have reported same day results, however a few weeks is the average for persons to regenerate and rejuvenate at their individual pace.


How many sessions of the O-Shot are necessary?


  • Most patients only need one treatment to see results, but others have it as needed.


What is the downtime associated with the O-Shot?


  • There is actually no associated downtime.


What are the key benefits associated with the O-Shot?


  • The key benefits of the O-Shot are listed below:
    • Improvement in female urinary incontinence
    • Improvement in non surgical vaginal and sexual stimulation


Is the O-Shot painful?


  • No it is not, and a local anesthetic cream used, will ensure comfort during the procedure.


How long do the O-Shot results last?


  • Results vary with each individual, and is also influenced by the anatomy and physiology with respect to hormonal status and age.


What other procedures are complementary to the O-Shot?


  • Hormonal optimization when indicated
  • Femi Lift which improves female vaginal laxity and looseness


Are problems like urinary incontinence and lack of vaginal sexual stimulation experienced frequently or could I be the only one?


  • One of every three women struggle with the issue of sexual stimulation. Another factor which is disheartening, is that several young women face this problem. These statistics may be misleading as they are gathered from psychologically distressed women, and do not include women who fail to speak out because of shame. No blood test exists to diagnose the problem. Can you imagine high cholesterol not being treated unless the patient experiences a heart attack?
  • It is unfortunate that women settle for suboptimal conditions, and tolerate sexual experiences that are less enjoyable. Medical professionals estimate that about 60-70 percent of women struggle with sexual stimulation, and are silent about it. Do we know how many there are in our world, and the negative effect it has on families?


How does PRP work?


  • Research conducted in other fields show that when our own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is injected into an area of our body, each stem cell will multiply and grow new and younger tissue, because they are enticed by the released growth factors. The skin of the face, ligaments, tendons, nerves and blood vessels are regenerated by PRP. The O-Shot was invented using the same technology and uses PRP to stimulate stem cells, to grow vaginal tissue that is healthier. T
  • here is no gimmick or magic with the O-Shot. It scientifically stimulates tissue and blood supply, and can result in an amazing sexual experience. The other factors that can contribute to achieving this experience include good general health, hormonal balance, a relaxed state of mind and a loving relationship. A hormonal consultation is recommended to find the best ways to activate your orgasm system, through hormonal optimization. As diplomats of American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine, we practice hormonal optimization for both gender.


Is there a risk of adverse reaction to PRP?


  • No reports have been received about PRP-related adverse reaction to date.


How does the O-Shot help regenerate healthy tissue?


  • As platelets are isolated from your blood, concentrated and then activated, the result is the stimulation of the release of a minimum of seven different natural growth factors. These stem cells are awakened and grow younger tissue, when triggered by these precious growth factors. These growth factors also activate the natural stem cells of the vaginal region.
  • Doctors do not merely inject the PRP growth factors into the vaginal area, as it is a precise procedure.  Many women experience the effects of the O-Shot™ on the same day. The O-Shot® (or Orgasm Shot®) is a non surgical procedure, using the growth factors in each woman's body to stimulate clitoral and vaginal rejuvenation.


Does O-Shot (PRP) help Lichen Sclerosus et Atrophicus?


  • Yes. There is no definitive cure for this debilitating genital scar forming autoimmune disease, for which the cause is not known. However PRP provides some relief. According to Wikepedia, research in this area is quite promising, in relation to reducing the symptoms and lesions. For additional information please contact our staff.
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