Dr. CHARLES RUNELS, MD -  The Inventor of the O-Shot and the Priapus Shot



Dr. Charles Runels is credited with inventing, and being the first to administer, the O-Shot for women. A firm believer that everyone should be able to enjoy sex and strengthen their relationships with it, he has sought to improve the lives and wellbeing of men and women alike in this respect.


Dr. Runels was born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1960 and attended nearby Fultondale High School. He continued his university studies in Birmingham as well, receiving his B.S. in Chemistry from Birmingham Southern College, spending 3 years as a research chemist at the Southern Research Institute, and completing medical school and his residency at the University of Alabama. In 1993 he received his board certification in Internal Medicine.




Initially, Dr. Runels worked in emergency medicine, spending 12 years as an emergency room physician in the inner-city. Later, he spent a couple years practicing hyperbaric medicine, treating carbon monoxide poisoning, scuba injuries, and serious infections. Additionally, Dr. Runels has dedicated many years to medical research and testing, both independently and partnering with various research institutions. (Read more about that here). In his years of finding what works, Dr. Runels has invented and trademarked the O-Shot and Priapus Shot offered here, as well as the Vampire Facelift and Vampire Breast Lift.




Dr. Runels is a member of the following:

  • Academy of Pharmaceutical Physicians and Investigators Physicians
  • Association of Clinical Research Professionals

He also founded:

  • American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association
  • Runels Center for Lifelong Health


You can read more about Dr. Runels on his website and on his profile.

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